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About Us

Our driving theme, in addition to building the definitive online Indian community, we are striving to be the leading provider of integrated online event promotion and management, membership and fundraising services to offline organizations. Also we would be the biggest ticketer of events and movies of interest to Indians with a successful track record. Minorities, We formed a series of partnerships with leading companies to offer exciting services and increased value. Beside this, we also has relationships with scores of community organizations around the world to whom it provides services.

We offer you several ways to contribute. It doesn't matter if you are a total novice, you are welcome to contribute to our portal and become a member of its global family of contributors. Please read the FAQ and send your contributions to Administrator of the site. You are more than welcome to contact us for any suggestions, recommendations and proposals to integrate any service or functionality to the site which you think is going to be a value add to the cause of community living in Greater Memphis.

We have scores of honorary positions open at our sites for you to make a personal contribution to the site, We are currently looking for a some one to edit and take a lead roles on providing one to one correspondence with our reader on scores of issues like Current Events, Community Forum, Health, Cooking section and many more. Please send us your feedback.

We once again extend our warm regards to every one visiting us on this page and is considering some active contribution to the site.


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